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Victor Manuel Castellano Quiroga

Who Is Victor Manuel Castellano Quiroga?

Victor Manuel Castellano Quiroga was born in 1966 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He graduated with a degree in Engineering at the age of 23 from the Technological Institute of Buenos Aires.
Once graduated, he focussed his professional career on the world of sales, working for technology companies, first IBM and then Oracle (Sun Microsystems). He obtained numerous awards throughout his career, achieving constant success.

At the age of 33, he began to invest in the real estate sector, developing high-end homes in private neighbourhoods in the north of Buenos Aires. This lead to the formation of the company Concrete Ideas, which built more than 20 houses in 10 years. This success motivated his retirement in 2008, where he focussed on growing his investments in the real estate sector and began deepening his knowledge of stock investments

He had the privilege of studying and practising with large organizations and traders in the United States such as Apiary Investment Fund (Shawn Lucas, UTAH, USA), Robert Booker (Texas, USA) or Sam Seiden (Illinois, USA) among others and participated in several seminars and first level courses in Spain. This led him to work tirelessly in the development of concrete and simple methods, to be able to trade with sustained success and with limited risk.

  • Kevan

    Here’s Why You Should Attend!

    Having worked in the IT industry for over 20 years in various ‘9 to 5’ jobs I thought there must be a better and easier way to secure my financial future – that’s when I found Trading. I attended an LTT Forex seminar and realised this was the way to earn a second income and improve my quality of life. I enrolled in one of the LTT courses where the coaches demystified what I (and most people) think about Trading – too hard, complicated & risky…the opposite is true. While working my IT ‘day job’ I reached a level that enabled me to Trade full time after 6 months and found myself a new passion. I made 7.5% profit in December, and my best winning trade to date is EURUSD with a 2% return.

  • Colleen

    Here’s Why You Should Attend!

    I’m currently residing in Dubai and work as an Operations Accountant in Hellmann Worldwide Logistics. I’ve always been fascinated with the financial world and dreamt of making it big. My interest in Forex grew after attending Learn to Trade’s Forex Introductory seminars and Greg Secker’s videos on the learning aspects of Forex. My experience with LTT has been marvellous. Everyone has been supportive – they are just a click away and always respond to my needs at the earliest. I have been able to acquire a lot of knowledge and expertise based on the presenters and I can foresee myself doing better and getting better with each trade placed.

  • Steve

    Here’s Why You Should Attend!

    The GFC brought my property development business to a standstill; I needed income and I needed it regularly. Enter Forex. I came to LTT with a vision of creating a monthly income stream that I could achieve on a part-time basis. After attending the Learn Forex course at LTT I knew I was in the right place to learn Forex trading. The trading software made it easy to choose my trades, the learning environment and support from expert traders is second to none. That’s what inspired me to write my book “Foreign Exchange Trading: My First Six Months”. LTT inspired me to become a successful trader!